Aniruddh Rajendran

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Aniruddh Rajendran


  • Bachelors in International Relations, Webster University, Leiden Campus, Netherlands


  • Primary and secondary school in Jamshedpur and Coimbatore, India
  • Senior and A-Level schooling in the British School in Netherlands

Personal Experiences – School & University Life

I moved to Netherlands in 2011, when career opportunities opened up for my parents to relocate to Tata Steel Europe. This allowed me to complete my schooling in BSN in an international environment of teachers and fellow students. Some of my class mates were children of diplomats, which inspired me to explore International Relations for my academic and career advancement.

I have travelled extensively in Europe – to Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, France and Russia. I was part of part of my school Basketball team and played several matches in Netherlands and Belgium (in Waterloo). Further, I have travelled to Hungary and Austria for attending the Model United Nation conferences (MUNAPEST and WebMUN). I also did short internships in Taj Group in India and Philips in the Netherlands, both highly reputed international organizations.

My social experience in Netherlands has been excellent. I enjoy traveling by public transport by Bus/Train/Tram, meet people and talk to them. People are very friendly and curious to know about India. Over the last 7-8 years, the number of students from India is growing. It is slowly becoming a home away from home, particularly for ambitious young people. From Durga Puja to Diwali, it all happens here.

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