Vishwesh Sundar


  • MSc International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD) at Leiden University, The Hague campus


  • Lived in both Chennai and Bangalore for about the same time.  In The Netherlands since: August, 2017
  • B.A in (Economics, Political Science and Sociology) from Christ University, Bangalore

Personal Experiences and University Life

I came to The Netherlands soon after my bachelors. I chose to study International Relations in The Hague as it is a UN city and many UN institutions such as the ICC, ICJ and OPCW are in close proximity to my university. Every September, these institutions are open for the public’s view on the Open Monument Day. Leiden University also has a large international student community and thus I have learnt a lot about different cultures, places and cuisines.

Contrary to popular opinion, The Netherlands has a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and food options. I have grown fond dishes with Halloumi, made of goat/sheep milk (paneer equivalent here :D) in the last 10 months. There are a few Indian restaurants including Saravanaa Bhavan in Amsterdam, which is a pit stop for anyone who is in The Netherlands and misses home food.  In my free time, I cycle to the beach in Scheveningen, play badminton or spend some time with friends in Plein, the town square of The Hague. I have had a wonderful time so far and in the process of exploring not just The Netherlands but the entire European continent.