Nikhil Potdar


  • Researcher and developer of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles


  • MSc Aerospace Engineering – TU Delft
  • BSc Aerospace Engineering – TU Delft, NTU Singapore

Personal Experiences

Having been raised in The Netherlands with frequent visits to relatives in India, I have seen both countries transform and move ever closer together. Growing up with the traditions, values and culture of two different nations has always been a challenge. I believe having had the opportunity to experience both worlds has personally been an invaluable experience.

University Life

I chose to continue with my university studies in The Netherlands as it has a great educational system that promotes independent thinking, extra-curricular interests and personal development. TU Delft has one of the largest Indian communities of all universities in The Netherlands so events, amongst which Diwali and Holi, are celebrated annually by all students so it’s a small home away from home for many. The university also has a very diverse international body and people are respectful, open and energetic about celebrating and showcasing their own culture which for me has been an enriching experience.

An important aspect of university life is also exploring the city and meeting people. Delft is a small, picturesque and historic town where thousands of students whiz around on rattling bikes among crowds of tourists. The town is filled with quaint little shops that have preserved their historic look and feel making everything so ‘gezellig’ (cosy). A highly anticipated social event on every student and local’s calendar is the ‘borrel’ which is an informal get together that can happen just about anywhere. Mark your calendar for these magical events as it’s the best way to get to know people and explore local hotspots around the town. When one wants to escape for a while, large metropolitan cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague are merely a short train ride away. The one of many perks of living in The Netherlands is that its compactness and connectivity to the rest of Europe make it an ideal hub for all your weekend travel plans.