Mira Mehta


  • Research Assistant


  • Masters: Utrecht University – Global Criminology
  • Bachelors: University College Utrecht – Social Sciences

Personal Experiences

Growing up as an Indian child in the Netherlands is an interesting experience in itself. I’d like to think I’ve gained the best of both worlds and cultures. Having such a strong connection to both countries, I was elated when the Indian Embassy of the Netherlands, and ASSOCHAM suggested the idea of introducing a platform which would help marry both these countries and render the experiences of Indian students in the Netherlands invaluable.

University Life

As an Indian student who has been born and raised in the Netherlands, my experience of university life here is notably different than many of my peers. While I may not have faced the culture shock that comes with traveling to another country for university, it has been interesting all the same. When the time came to begin applying to university, I decided to take the unconventional route after seeking some advice from my teachers. I applied to University College Utrecht (UCU) which follows a liberal arts and sciences program. This was a different choice and not the common one for students here. My main motivation for applying to UCU was the variety of subjects and disciplines it offers and the possibility to make your own curriculum void of strict restrictions whilst still under the guidance of a tutor.

This was quite different than my experience at my Master’s program which conforms much more to
the typical Dutch university degree programs. This was an interesting experience altogether. Being in the heart of Utrecht, some of my favourite spots in the city centre and around have to include the courtyard of the Dom Tower, Wilhelmina part, and the ice-cream parlour Vorst. Utrecht offers an insight into the old parts of the Netherlands through its architecture and canals (or Grachten as the Dutch would say) at the same time you have the modern university area of de Uithof at just a bus ride away.