Hima Mehta


  • Bachelors in Media Studies University of Groningen

Personal Experiences

Having grown up in the Netherlands, I had the chance to experience the best of both worlds. I spent my childhood celebrating Independence and Republic Day at the Embassy, as well as celebrating the many festivals at home. This kept me very much connected to India. While biking around everywhere and joining in on the orange culture during King’s day as well as other festivities has given me a special bond with the Netherlands.

University Life

My university experience was unique. I studied the international track in Media Studies allowing me to interact and work along with Dutch nationals and international students. The faculty was extremely supportive, not believing too strongly in the hierarchy system. We could freely communicate with them which really aided me during my studies. I very much enjoyed my time here, not only did I gain theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to apply that theory in a practical manner. The study helped me develop a variety of skills from critical thinking, presenting, and working as a team member.

I studied in the very north of the country in Groningen. A vibrant student city with a great atmosphere. The small town of Groningen is a wonderful city with a great international vibe. There are students from all over the world including a strong Indian community. One advice would be to get a bicycle. The city is primarily built for cyclists and everyone bikes everywhere. As the campus is spread throughout the city it will make your commute much easier. This is the case with most of the Netherlands. After all, we are a land of bikers.